A local resident from Long Clawson sent this last night. He went to ask them what they were doing and they drove off but then were seen again in the village and another person also challenged and followed them for a while but when the van realised it shot off and he lost them. It has been seen several times – appearing to be watching homes.
Ive sharpened the image from the one that was sent but looks like they’ve used something on the number plate to disguise it. White Van

Marriott family history?

Dear Long Clawson webmaster,

I wonder if you could help me with my enquiry – I am tracing my wife’s family tree both using the historical records and DNA testing – her mother’s maiden name was Marriott – both my wife and mother in law were born and grew up in the Wigston/Knighton area of Leicester. I have traced their Marriott line back several generations all in Leicestershire to a Joseph Marriott born about 1757 and lived in Knighton, probably a framework knitter. I realize Marriott is a good old Leicestershire name – but there are lots in the historical records in the Long Clawson area going back to the early 1600s.

I have had detailed DNA analysis performed on my wife’s Marriott uncle’s male Y chromosome DNA – it is a good fit for a Leicester area one being an Angle one – but I am trying to nail down to a Marriott one.

My specific enquiry relates to whether you might be able to put me in touch with a couple of local Long Clawson Marriotts who might be willing to consider possibly giving a cheek swab DNA sample that could be tested to see if we can confirm this link.

I should have also added it would be best if possible that they knew their Marriott family tree traced back in the Long Clawson area to 1700 or so.

Thank you for any help you can give me – or further contacts to followup with.

I live in the USA but will in Leicester for a few days around next weekend and would be happy to talk with someone.

Matthew Davison

Boston, USA


If anyone can help Matthew please email webmaster@long-clawson.com and we will put you in touch.

URGENT Neighbourhood Watch notification.

At 5.30pm yesterday a man described as “in his 30s” was discovered inside the home of a couple who live in Knipton. The man was found inside the kitchen by the lady of the house, while her husband was outside in the garden. When asked what he was doing inside the house the intruder had a pre-meditated story that he was “looking for a blue ball”. While the lady went to get her husband from the garden the man had entered the sitting room. The man then left with 2 other men (one in his 30s and one older, one having what is believed to be an Irish accent) in a dark blue car. The pair are understandably extremely shaken by this incident.

The couple later went upstairs, after the Police had left, and discovered that the upstairs had been ransacked and all jewellery, including several family heirlooms, had been stolen.

The Police were called and are now investigating two identical incidents (as described above) one in Knipton and one in Scalford.

In Scalford the intruder was heard upstairs. The lady of the house thought it was her husband but her husband then came in from the garden and went upstairs. The intruder followed the husband downstairs and had a story about his boss working just up the road and also ‘checked’ the oil tank, maybe to give an impression that that was part of his job. The intruder left and met with two other males. Upon checking upstairs the householders discovered jewellery had been taken and cupboards/drawers emptied. Please remain on the alert. The next intrusion could be in your house.


Please advise your neighbours/friends who may not receive NHW email alerts or Facebook

Apologies to the sender – just found in the spam folder


I wonder if anyone in Long Clawson can help me.

I was a colleague and friend of Rosie Hebden during the 70’s. Rosie was an artist and Lecturer at Clifton College of Education, and she lived at Rose Cottage, Long Clawson. I was a technician in the art dept of Clifton College and my husband was a student, training to be an art teacher.  Rosie took us under her wing and we spend many a weekend helping her in her garden in return for beautiful vegetarian meals and fresh veg from her garden.  We moved away from Nottingham in 1980 and visited her for a few years after that.  We did receive a letter from a friend of Rosies’ telling us of her death.

Rosie was an inspiration to us both, – giving me a passion to visit all the places that I had seen while projecting slides at her lectures and her art teaching inspired my husband who is now a Professor at Southampton University.  Through all our times together we never owned a painting by Rosemary. This year we are celebrating our 40th Wedding anniversary and I would love to be able to purchase one of her works and it is to this end that I am asking for your help.   Does anyone in the village remember Rosie; does anyone know what happened to her paintings when she died; does anyone own a piece of her work that they are willing to sell.

I have tried Trent Poly and Nottingham University but they were unable to help – I hope someone remembers this fantastic lady.

Look forward to hearing from you

With kind regards Jane (Foster)

IF YOU CAN HELP AT ALL PLEASE EMAIL webmaster@long-clawson.com and we will pass the information on.


Long Clawson residents – war medals

GRIFFINsidney whittakerMike Adams is a war medal collector who has recently by chance acquired 2 groups of medals to ex Long Clawson residents, the first was a WW2 Distinguished Flying Cross group to a Pilot Officer H.T.Griffin, he resided at the Police House and was a Leics Police Inspector, Also Captain of Melton Rugby XV as well as the Leics Police Rugby team.

The second was to the Whittaker family, who resided at the Post Office. Sidney served in WW1, he had a son Dennis born in 1924 who married Edith Lounds in 1948 (she apparently served in WW2) Dennis was a member of the Buffs at Belvoir Lodge

 Any help would be much appreciated.

Please email webmaster@long-clawson.com with any information, thank you.


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