Conkers off at 12!

Sunday 19th October, registration from 11.30, Conkers off at 12. The sun will be shining. 

It’s been a highlight in Long Clawson for decades, its competitive, serious, energy sapping and dehydrating! It takes skill and precision, yes it’s the Vale of Belvoir Conker Championships this coming Sunday. Just in case you have missed the road signs!  

Can you remind your family, tell your friends and invite your work colleagues. Life is a game but conkers is serious. 

This year’s competitions are being kindly sponsored by CF Painting & Decorating for the men’s competition and Sophie’s Flowers for the ladies competition. 

All arrangements are in place, we do have a space or two to assist with registration and also stewarding the competitions, so if you are able to lend a hand between your way to the final, please let either Martin walker on Bryan Lovegrove know.

 If your energy gets sapped and for emergency rehydration, the pub is on hand to revive you!

Many thanks

On behalf of the Clawson Conker Collective.


Local vicars

Can you help with photographs of local vicars and rectors. On the Harby website www.harbyvillage we aim to provide a picture of all previous of these but we are searching for Mark Turner and  Simon Bailey. They were in Long Clawson as well as here. We want to use a photo also in the  history of Harby book we are assembling. For our holdings so far see

Leslie Cram

Harby History Group secretary

Hart family

This is an email received a while ago – can anyone help? If so please email the

Hello Wayne ……. Some time you sent an email to Lisa who has been searching my family tree. I am the son of John Hart who was the son of Thomas Hart as you will see from the attached Timeline ……. Now, I am assuming the Anne Hart who married your 5th great grandfather was indeed the daughter of Thomas Hart senior who also lived in Long Clawson ……. we think they lived in a house/farm known as Long Clawson Lodge from some time in the eighteen hundreds …… Does any of this fit within your family tree searches …… If so I would be happy to share our Family Tree findings and be interested in what you have managed to discover. I am sorry if all this does not fit and would be interested in your association with Long Clawson and the Hart’s anyway.  I feel sure there is connection somewhere!!

I am now 79 years old, very severely sight impaired (Blind) so please reply in bold making it easier for me to read ….. Sincere regards, Peter (Hughes)

Click here for the attached timeline TimelineReport Richard Hart Snr inc family events

Local talent – well done Heather Birley!

Heather Birley

This is a photo of Heather along with Akram (and her black eye) taken after the show.

Heather Birley (now 17) has for several years been determined to pursue a career as a contemporary dancer, after years of commitment, hard work and endless evenings, weekends and school holidays training she is just starting to reap the rewards.

Last year she applied to be part of the 2014 NYDC (National Youth Dance Company) tour, after auditioning she was selected as 1 of only 10 girls from the whole of the UK.

After several residential training camps in London (school holidays) April 16 saw the debut performance of the 2014 NYDC tour at Sadler’s wells in London !

As you can imagine Aidan & Susanne were extremely proud parents to be there and watch Heather perform a major part in the NYDC production in front of a full house at London’s premier dance theatre.

Here is the press release before the show

The production received good reviews in a several publications and Heather managed to get specifically mentioned by name in the Guardian and London

Press Photos, sadly Heather is not on these as they were taken two days before the show while she was at A & E !! She got a kick to the face during rehearsal but fortunately no serious only a very black eye. With a bit of makeup she was fine for the show.

Here is a link to offical (sample) photos taken during a performance, for those who don’t know, Heather is the one with red hair, lots of photo’s and can move back and forward from this one

Heather has also just been offered (and accepted) a place at the London School of contemporary dance, she will start a 3 year degree course in contemporary dance in September this year.

Well done Heather!

Voices against turbines

The turbine image shows an illustrative photomontage of how the turbine will look from Nether Broughton and over Upper Broughton and is as close to scale as possible.

The blimp was flown on May 6th to demonstrate the height of the proposed turbine although not the bulk (the blimp was 8.5m long and the turbine blades would be 54m across)

Click here for the latest news – Voices News 08 May 14


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