Website rejuvenated

We have spent a little time in reassembling the Long Clawson Village Website and must give our thanks to the Village Hall Committee for providing the funds to cover the running costs this year, much appreciated. Please feel free to send in articles and photographs, it is your website, please use it.

Old local photographs

The photos etc from the old site have been archived, and hopefully will be made available at some stage.

The main problem was that the old site was no longer supported and did not work when our hosting company upgraded the underlying software. We had been planning to update the site anyway, but this forced our hand.

The login box is there because, like the old site, you can register.

Alice Peck

My mother in law was born in long clawson untill she was about 15 her name was Alice Peck trying to find photos and history for her she is now age 89 years can you help with anything she as been ill and longs to see photos etc she now lives in Norfolk her mum dad and brother are in the church yard their. Can you help Kindley leaving the matter with you Yours Sincerely. Mrs Susan Boon

Heating Oil or Gas Oil (Red Derv)

Good Morning,
We currently supply Road Derv to Long Clawson Dairy and I am enquiring if any of your readers or followers also use either Heating Oil or Gas Oil (Red Derv).We are the largest Independent Texaco Distributor in Europe so we are very competitive on price. If any one has a question I may be able to answer, or prices then please contact me on my mobile 07834093801. I will be able to reduce the costs.
Thank You
John Monks

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